Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oops a week has gone!

So much for doing more on my blog thispast week.  Where did it go?  I might not have ben working but I  still seemed to fill every moment.  Yo be honest a lot of time was spent at my craft desk.  Also I had a cold and spent a fair bit of time curled up watching i player.  Last week I broke a tooth on thursday and the earliest appontment I could get was on Tuesday because of the bank holiday.  Well that had to be cancelled becasue of the cold.  Fortuantley I haven't had much pain from it and have another appointment booked for tomorrow.
Yesterday suffering form cabin fever we got out for a walk to a pub for lunch and then continued our walk ending up in a coffee shop for an after dinner coffee an hour or so later.  The weather was beautiful and I was way too over dressed and ended up with my coat tied round my waist.
Today we got out in the garden, where spring certainly seems to be coming in - at last.

 The cat had great fun bouncing around and exploring in the sun.
I used a selection of these photos for this weeks digi layout.

This weeks lucky scraping picture was the view.  The tree still isn't in flower but the garden is looking less wintry this month.

 And here is the view form the kitchen window.


  1. Yes, I think Spring may really be on it's way at last! We will appreciate it all the more this year.

  2. Wonderful pictures. The flowers are gorgeous. The view from your kitchen window is very interesting. I would enjoy looking at that every day.

  3. Yes I feel with the warmer weather this weekend that maybe Spring has arrived and I lovethe lighter evenings too :)

    Hope you get your tooth fixed and guess you have another week before term starts? Enjoy this week then xxx

  4. Beautiful pictures, Alison. Sorry I haven't been around much. xxx

  5. lovely photos, hope your tooth behaves!

  6. Wonderful pictures!
    I'm sorry that only now I see them!
    I like the look of your kitchen. I dream of a house with a yard.