Saturday, April 13, 2013

End of Easter Holidays

This weeks Lucky snapping promt was How do I react when I feel Vunerable.  I immediately thought about what I do when I feel out of control, is that the same as vunerable?  Not sure but that's all I can think of.
Years ago it was a standing joke that in ties of stress I would bake or clean the kitchen floor.  One day at work a collegue told us she had breast cancer.  Without realising what I was doing I found myself in the small kitchen area cleaning the floor.  I am pleased to say that my friend is now fit and well, also I no longer clean floors when stressed.
Nowadays I tend to shut myself away.  My craft room is a real sanctuary, I might not be crafting but just tidying my desk (oops sounds a bit like floor cleaning) or just playing with paper.  I find that I tend to make ATCs instead of scrapping as they are smaller and therefore less frightening if I'm not coping.  I also retreat into my sudoku.  I can be with others but mentally remove myself from them totally.  However if I am stressed they take me twice as long to complete.  Another way I withdraw in public is to hide behind my camera.
As it is looking as if my job will be continuing I am giving up doing talks for the WI and this week saw my last talk.  I had to take a photo of the ladies to mark the occasion.
We live realtively close to Waddeson Maor and today we went over there as the weather wasn't good enough to do the outdoor jobs.  They had a wonderful light display by Bruce Munro.  I could have spent hours just watching these beautiful lights as they changed colour.

As I was taking the photos I suddenly realised that they were ideal for playing with, so here are my results.

Off to do my weekly digi layout.


  1. Thanks for taking part in the vulnerable challenge, Alison.
    These lights are absolutely gorgeous and your playing pictures reflect that beautifully ! xxx

  2. well done on your job, even if this brings other changes along. Love the lights and very clever what you have done with the pictures.

  3. Glad your job continues and interesting what you do when feeling stressed!

    Love those lighting photos and what you could do with them afterwards!

  4. Mary, thank you for this post. Congratulations for the photos.
    I agree with those comments.