Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best Friends Week

So how has my week been.  Busy, restful, sunny and freezing.  It's been half term and so I have been catching up with odd jobs around the house and garden (busy) but I have also been trying to keep the afternoons free for crafting (restful).  At the start of the week the sun was streaming through the window in my craft room so that I was warm enough without the heating on.   By the end of the week the sun was hiding and it was freezing inside and out and the heating was definitely required.
One of my jobs was to remove some of the weeds from the front garden and while doing it I spotted these little snowdrops.  This was on a warm morning and I really felt that spring was on it's way.

Trying to capture the sun in a photo was fun.   Here are my best attempts with the sun catcher hanging in my window and the sun/shadows on my desk.

 I originally took this photo to show the sunshine but when I came to write this I realised that it also shows the new space I have in my craft room.  Last weekend I took my dolls house up to my god daughters.  She has always loved it and to be honest it was really only gathering dust here.  I thought I would feel sad to be parting with it as I had always wanted one and really loved having it.  Instead I had a feeling of joy at all the extra space which I could fill with crafting goodies and as my Mum is having a clear out of her things I think it will soon be filled.  It also helps that I know my dolls house has gone to a very good home.

One of the things which really helped me to not get distracted while crafting was the cat asleep on my lap.  I felt so mean disturbing him that I didn't keep getting up to check for emails and getting distracted.  Here he is covered with scraps of paper which I was removing from a die.
One of my morning jobs was scanning in old family photos.  Here is one of me when I was about 7 with my grandparents.  I can remember it being taken as if it was yesterday although I can't remember who took it.  There was another one (which is now lost)  taken at the same time with me holding my doll.  I had to remove the tin foil which was protecting her hair.

Now for the Lucky Scrapping prompt of Best friends.
I have drifted through friendships over the years but up until recently have tended to move from friendship to friendship as life has moved on.  Also as friends had children we drifted apart as our lives changed and our common interests were no longer obvious.  It has only been relatively recently that I have really appreciated those friendships which others have kept going over the years and also those friendships which have resumed after the children have grown up.
Living as an expat abroad I had to make friendships fast because they could be short lived as people moved around.  Because we were often thrown together in difficult circumstances these friendships could be quite deep as we often relied on each other much more than in the west where we are more self sufficient.
This is a digi layout I made of one such friend.  
I have no idea if I will ever see her again as she is Australian but we still keep in touch and would love to meet up again sometime.


  1. An interesting read and glad you had a great half term and got to scrap x

    Love the digi LO you have done of your Australian friend and remember it is ALWAYS POSSIBLE to see her again!!!

  2. Love the pictures. Never say never, I am sure you will meet up again with your friend sometime.

  3. I agree with Joy, never say never, the fact that you are still in touch is great and anything is possible. Lovely snowdrops and maybe I should invest in a cat to sit on my lap and make me sit still for awhile. xx

  4. lovely layout, hope you do get to meet up with your friend one day. Sounds like a lovely half term and the snowdrops look great

  5. Dear Mary - congratulations for the great post!
    I love those snowdrops. I like the way you look the warm rays of sun. Like your nostalgia - it really affects us. And your layout is stunning.
    One never knows - you can meet your friend again.
    You are always together in your memories.

  6. Glad you managed to get some crafting AND gardening done this week avery fruitful half term

  7. I think that as we get older the friends we have and our needs kind of change, but with some you can just fall back in even though you haven't seen them in years, and with email etc it does make it nice to keep in touch x