Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 7

Daily blogging definatly seems not to be happening this year, so here is my weekly catch up.
First of all I got the shot of my view which I had wanted last week.
I also got round to taking the view form my kitchen window.  I deliberately included the rubbish along the back of the sink as this reflects how things were rather over taking me.
 The highlight of my week was visiting my God daughter for a couple of nights, so here is my digi layout for the week.
 Now for impossible.  I knew straight away what I wanted to do.  It is a picture I have wanted to take and scrap for ages now.
We had no choice about when we returned to the UK and it was so disheartening when well meaning people would say 'Oh dear it's not a good time to try and get a job, not a good time to return at all.'  There was very little chance that Peter would be able to return to his old job in the NHS and it was not an easy time.  Despite all the negative input Peter got work experience after 3 months and was made permanent 3 months after that.  It wasn't after all an impossible task.  And neither was it impossible that my formerly (very) casual husband would were a suit to work every day.  Now as my job is uncertain it is a good time to remember that the impossible can happen.


  1. I think blogging not-daily is good because we blog when we have some news, i was always behind on daily posts! I like people who can enjoy just 'being' with you and not need entertaining or to be doing all the time, it is a sign of being very comfortable together.. x

  2. Hi, Mary!
    As soon as I saw you on the horizon, I decided to see what's here! Wonderful photos! Gorgeous layouts! I wish I was able to do such beauties -
    or at least a little ..
    Good night and Happy new week!

  3. Good story, impossible situations are so hard and you keep positive.

    Love your views and your layout is brilliant. xx

  4. That's a great topic Alison and well done to Peter. In the 15 years I've known Dennis, I think I must have seen him not more than a couple of times with a tie !
    Layout with your Goddaughter is splendid. xxx

  5. wow thats some snow, sorry to hear about your job, hope something positive is around the corner.

  6. Lovely photos, good news re Peter's work and hopefully yours will not be bad. xx

  7. Love your snow photo and don't worry about when you blog either, I am retired and no job so have all the time in the world but occasionally have a day off too!!

    love the Impossible story about Peter and do hope things for you will seem 'more' possible as the year goes on xxx

    let me know if you cannot see my blog, trying to get rid of Anon!!!!!

  8. fab view photos. I hope your job is safe.