Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 6 Catch Up

I have delayed taking the shot of my view this week as I was hoping for a snowy shot.  No such luck, we have had a few flakes on and off but nothing more.  So here is my view on a wet Sunday afternoon.

As predicted I used my photo from Tuesday for my weekly digi layout.
Thursday evening we had friends for supper.  I cooked Palau which I have cooked plenty of times before and thought it would be a good bet.  Of course with people coming around the rice went mushy, but in places was only just cooked.  I couldn't understand but was not happy.
Yesterday we visited my parents and brought Mum's old printer and computer home with us as she no longer wants them and Peter wanted to make sure that her hard drive was cleaned properly before the computer was disposed of.  My brother may well take the computer but in the meantime we are using up the ink in her printer.  It is about 12 years old and I had forgotten how slowly they worked then.  I have set it to print 5 copies of a document and come back upstairs to write this.  It is still chuntering along downstairs.
I am just off to update my craft blog with this weeks LO.

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  1. I wonder how many of these old computers and hard drives are knocking around?!!

    Off to do my LO view today, we had blue skies and sunshine instead of rain all week!!

    Love your light LO xxx