Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday and Wednesday

Well I have really applied myself today and got a long way with a LO.  Challenging myself to one a week certainly seems to be working.  Last weeks was finished just not put on my blog yet as I have to take a photo.
MY photo for yesterday was of the present my mum gave me, and this has a story attached.  In 2011 I found a great piece of Christmas fabric in our local work aid shop and decided to make 24 little bags to put gifts in as an advent calendar for mum.  Well I sort of ran out of time so I only made 12 and called it a 12 days of christmas calendar.  She loved it and promised to refill the bags for me this year.  As mum was ill I didn't get it until last Friday and being somewhat impatient haven't managed to limit myself to one present a day, although I am quite amazed that it has lasted until today.
I have had all sorts of little goodies but there was one which made it a proper Christmas gift and that was the chocolate money.  As children we would always be given this in our stocking and since I have grown up mum has nearly always given me some for Christmas.  It really is as central as the turkey and pudding.

 Tonight I received a phone call from my mum telling me that this morning my great aunt died. I used this photo of her last March when we visited her but I would like to use it again today. She didn't have great wealth but always gave you anything you commented on.  She married late and never had children yet she was never alone, people couldn't help but love her.  She never travelled but had a far more fulfilled and contented life than many who have seen the world.  My brother visited her over Christmas and she was not suffering in any way, she just slipped away from us aged 100.  A truly beautiful person.


  1. You know Mums never stop being Mums do they? Mine used to some cash now and then, of course there was a time when I really needed it and later on I just knew she liked to do it .. and I still do the same to mine

  2. What a beautiful story about your great aunt. She did look amazing ! xxx

  3. I'm sorry for your loss.
    I enjoy the first picture, but then I realized. So nice picture - so love ...
    RIP great aunt!