Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Beginnings

I am by nature a person who reminisces, I can be the bore of a dinner party with my stories of the past and so I have decided that I will create memories of now with this challenge instead of looking back. On Saturday I showed you the book I have bought to put my weekly digi layouts in.  I have also been inspired by many of you creating art journals and so I have decided to try and decorate my book before I stick my photos in.  I have a blank photo to help me see how things will look.
This year is a new beginning and at the end of the year I want to look back on a book which shows me the highs and lows and gives me plenty to be nostalgic about.
Oh yes I forgot.  I have put my latest two layouts onto my craft blog today.


  1. Hi, are you dong an alteed book then? It looks like you have stamped and inked an existing book, we did this a few classes ago at Just Scrapbooking, I liked it but so far I haven't decided what to put in the book. It was an old edition of the Wate Babies, maybe I should use it for my Silver Linings thoughts. I too talk way too much about my childhood, we should have coffee and see who shuts up first! :-)

  2. Yes it is an altered book. I get a bit confused with all the different descriptions eg art journalling, altered book etc. I just tend to do my own thing and slop paint around. I am quite excited about how it may look by the end of the year.

  3. Look forward to seeing this book during the year xxx

  4. It will look beautiful, well done ! xx

  5. /Tonight I'm visiting in your blog! I see how many things I missed!/
    Your idea sounds great! I congratulate you for this!
    Wish you a great year! Wonderful memories!