Monday, January 14, 2013

Snowy Monday

We woke up this morning to a light coating of snow but it soon started up again, big fluffy flakes which settled.  Today we weren't using electricity at school (so that the children could appreciate how many things use it - this terms project is electricity) and I'm sure that the white outside helped to compensate for not having lights.  So today's photo had to be of the snow.

I then read Kathi's lucky snapping prompt on Nostalgia.  My childhood and Dad have been very much on my mind this last week and the snow made me think back to the story behind this photo.
It must have been the winter of 62/63 and Dad and I had made this huge snowball but were in trouble with the neighbours when we couldn't move it and it was blocking the road.  Think Dad might have been in a bit more trouble than me.
I will have to think of something else for the New Beginnings theme but nostalgia and snow just seemed to fit this photo.


  1. I think the combination of snow and nostalgia worked just right for you this week. I am so pleased lots of people can use a snow pic of their view, not much chance down here we are always last to get it..

  2. that is a big snowball! I love looking at pictures of snow, but I dont like to have to go out in it :)

  3. That was more snow than us!!!

    Loved your nostalgia photo of you and your Dad and the snowball!!

    Well done your school having no electricity today! It would definitely make the children think!!!!

  4. Love your post today and that snowball ! Brilliant !

  5. Brilliant post, I love the now and then photos and great story of your Dad. xxx

  6. Hello again!/ I had my problems, but now I'm back again./
    Really a brilliant post! Congratulations!
    Great photos! Great memories!
    Do you remember who you make this picture? Who is the woman in the window? Does your house have been, or that of your neighbors?
    You inspired me for my post - I already have an idea!
    Thank you!

  7. Your snowball story is really lovely. I could make a similar one right one, we have so much snow.

  8. love story about the snowball. Your garden looks great

  9. Love your story. We've got a light fluttering of snow today so we are way behind you.
    I remember that winter, my then husband was a bricklayer and he was out of work for weeks.

  10. Yes, snow does bring back childhood memories. For me it was my sons when they were little.

  11. Love your snow and the story of your snow ball. lol.