Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pyjama Day

Well I have got dressed, but it is 3 o'clock.  I am having a crafting lazy day and using my new glasses which I picked up yesterday.  I have never really liked darker frames and heavier side arms like these but fell in love with them as soon as I put them on.  Just goes to show how your tastes can change without you ever noticing it.
Also today we have made a start on emptying the freezers of left overs.  Because we have had people staying I have just been shoving left overs into boxes and freezing them.  Christmas day the turkey went in whole so we are now eating our way through it.  Lunch was pesto turkey with sweet potato dumplings (also form the freezer) and not sure if they went but some sprouts left over from christmas.  Think we might start on turkey sandwiches for supper.


  1. love your new glasses

  2. Enjoy your new glasses. We are also eating up lots of leftovers and I'm trying to use up stuff in my larder too.

  3. All left overs went last week so I could start SW last Mon!! mind you do have some turkey slices somewhere in the freezer :)

    Like your glasses xx