Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday Tidy Up

Yesterday (Saturday) after our friends had left we wandered down the town to pick up my new glasses and shoe repairs.  Our loo has been having difficulty flushing but Peter was worried it would be a big job and so we had been making do with it.  Our friend found an easy way of doing it so we bought the parts needed.  We treated ourselves to lunch out at our favourite cafe and then on the way home I called into a charity shop to buy an old book.  I wanted a hardback book that I could use to put my weekly digi layouts in.  It had to be large enough but not have shiny pages as I am hoping to paint them.  It had to have at least 200 so that I could tear some out to make room for the thickness of the photos.  I found this wonderful book which was out the back of one shop and was due to be thrown.  I am now looking at ways that I can use some of the beautiful pages in my final book.  Here is a collage of two pages.
When we got home I completed my digi layout for this week.  I am so enjoying doing some LO on the computer again as well as paper ones.

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  1. Wish I could digi LO Tried it and have adobe photoshop but the layering was too difficult for me to learn so paper for me :)
    We have a loo flush prob too, doesn't flush away properly:(