Friday, January 11, 2013

Scarves and no Silver Lining

Yesterday the wool for my ruffle scarf which I bought on e bay turned up and I had great fun starting to knit it.  I hadn't been sure how much wool i would need and bought 4 balls.  Turns out I probably only need one.  I think a lot of people might receive ruffle scarves this year.
Also last night I phoned my parents to wish my dad a happy birthday.  Mum was glad that I had phoned as the day before dad had been told by the doctor that he probably only has months to live.  We have realised that his time here is limited but to have it said has been tough.  He is an abusive bully who has made all of our lives hard but still I find myself in tears today.   We have friends staying and I have been asked to do extra at school later this day so I pull myself together and keep going but today I can't find the silver lining.
Last week I finished a LO of a visit to my parents last year, it's on my craft blog.


  1. I am so sorry Alison. It surely is a tough situation.
    In the "About me" on my blog, it"s written
    "I already do the best I can, take it or leave it!"
    We can't do more than our best. You picked up the phone to call and I don't think it was easy.
    Sending you big hugs, xxx

  2. I too am sending you (((hugs))), What a difficult few months you have ahead.There will be a silver lining somewhere soon xxxx God Bless

    Off to your craft blog now, never saw that before!

  3. Hi.. what sad news and so brave of you to admit the mixed range of feelings..hope it is good to share and that you know we think of you.. K x

  4. sending you a few Hugs