Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to normal Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday Catch Up.
Here is the promised non moving view of the school this morning.  My hours have been shortened so that I'm not having buckets of overtime, but I have decided to volunteer to stay on for a Tuesday afternoon to mainly work with a particular child.  This child was not in school today and so I wondered if it was a waste of time to stay on, but I got loads of admin things done.  I then took the after school club as normal on a Tuesday.
Here is the view back along the road as I left school.
I have decided to make a tab book of digital layouts for Anne's Silver Lining and have used these two photos for serendipity.  I have journalled the full story to put on the back of the photo when it is printed.
Back to Normal Wednesday
Because of the extra work at the end of last term I started using the car for shopping and then nothing was normal over the holidays.  Well today as well as getting in the routine of school I was back on the bike for the shopping.  I chose this back to routine theme for my photos today and am thinking of using these for my digi layout this week.
 Bike Panniers in Kitchen 
 Baskets and Bags in Hall
 Muddy Bike


  1. It's lovely ! Thank you so much for taking part. Alison. I hope you had fun ! xxx

  2. well done for getting back to normal...lovely photos and hope the child will be there next week for you, you could always take a book to read if they are off again :)