Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Well no photos form me today but here is my weekly digi LO.
Of course it had to be of the snow.  Yesterday I finished my paper LO for the week and meant to photograph it for my blog today but the light went while I was on the computer.  Oh well hopefully tomorrow.
This morning I did Kids Church and now I'm off to get some supper and then hopefully I will have some time to play with my book for my weekly LO.
Yesterday for the first time since Christmas I didn't sneak a biscuit or cake.  I think that owing up to Lynne yesterday that I hadn't started to try and lose weight started me off.  So thank you, I now have to try and not start picking again.


  1. I think we should start dietung, or eating better once the Christmas goodies have all been eaten up! Nice layout too x

  2. Great LO and well done not picking today xxx