Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snuffles and Snow

Well that really sums this week up.  Sorry I haven't been around too much but I have spent all the time I wasn't in work tucked up with my tissues as I have a had a streaming cold.  I should probably have taken some time off work but it's always difficult when you know that your absence will mean that others who are already busy will have to cover for you.
The week started well enough with lots of snow.  I am one of the few people who quite like it, but we are both lucky in that we don't rely on using a car for day to day life.  We were planning on visiting my parents on Saturday but cancelled it.  As it turned out that was a good decision as I was probably highly contagious with my cold which started to show itself on Sunday.
Here is our road.
  Our bush.
The field next to us.
 The cat decided that he was not going out for anything.  But sat staring out of the patio door.  I loved the reflection of the snow in this pic as he peered out at it.
He was a bit too inquisitive when I went out the front to take pics and found himself shut out with me.   Here he is wondering how to get around to his cat flap without putting his paws on the snow.  I came in after this and he followed me back through the big cat flap - more commonly known as the front door.

This photo sums Monday up.  We went out and then we came back in.  I had to go back to school for an after school training event.  It was really good but I felt terrible as my cold was really taking hold by then.
I was going to sum the rest of the week up with a photo of my box of tissues but I used them all up too quick and then forgot all about pics.
OK so for the Lucky Snapping prompt.
Being creative makes me happy.  It can be anything from doodling to baking.  This week I started doing craft at breakfast club, it made me as happy as the children to make this little fish.

I wish for time, or maybe good use of the time I have.  Time for relationships, time for creating and time for quiet.  I know that I forgot the house work and work in that, but they can be creative, relationship building and there is quiet in the travelling if only I would appreciate it.
Hopefully I will be around a bit more next week.


  1. Glad you feel better, Alison. What a lovely post ! Love your story with your cat. Your fishy is very cute. I am also happy like a kid when the little things I create look good.
    As of programming, you are right, addictive is the word ! xx

  2. Mmm, I have a streaming cold too, it feels better in the morning and gets worse as the day progresses!
    Snow must be a bind afte a day or two, we don't get it vey often. I think being creative is good for you, to have something to show for it and memories to make. Washing, ironing and chores give us a nice tody house but all too soon someone eats, wears or dirties it again! :-)

  3. Love your creative with a CD, if I was still teaching I would have nabbed that idea!!

    Sorry about the cold :( Thankfully til now Peter and I have been really healthy but it is never too late when we are out and about to catch something!

    Lovely snow photos, we had a high wind and pouring rain earlier and now lovely sunshine and very windy!!!

    Take care xx

  4. Congratulations to fish! Great idea!
    The photos are fantastic!