Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well I started off with good intentions but found that once I got back to work I wasn't as recovered as I thought I had been.  Although a lot better school and the ironing finished me off on Monday and working a full day on Tuesday left me going to bed at 9pm and not doing much before that.  Anyway I am feeling better today.
On Monday it looked as if our rubbish was being collected after missing two rubbish collections because of the snow.  But no, the lifting mechanism had broken on the truck and hydrolic fluid was flowing across the road.  Everyone was just standing there watching it until I cam indoors and got our cat litter to dam the flow.  Nobody seemed worried that it was creating a possible skid pan.  Needless to say I was the only woman!!  When the recovery vehicle arrived they did put something down to soak it up but not disperse it so that it spread in the rain.  Here is the recovery vehicle.

The Lucky Snapping Challenge for this week was colours of the rainbow.   I love colours so this was right up my street but I couldn't think how I wanted to do this.  I thought of words associated with the colours.
Red - Anger
Orange - Fire
Yellow - Summer
Green - Fresh
Blue - Cold
Indigo - Not really sure about this one.
Violet -  or Purple - Richness

Thinking about this as I cooked supper I opened my food cupboard up and there were all the colours of the rainbow.  I really appreciate the variety of affordable foods in this country and at that moment the colours represented this variety.  So here is a collage of my rainbow store cupboard.

Off now to update my crafting blog.


  1. Love the food cupboard Rainbow.

  2. Excellent! You who go to school are very good! Smile!

  3. Great way to show the colors. I never thought of opening a cabinet to see what may be there.

  4. Oh very clever, well done you. Also for saving the road, honestly sometimes we just have to get it done don't we. xxx

  5. Oh and I am really blinking behind on everything too, farther than you if that helps? lol

  6. A great way of doing it, very clever.

  7. Brilliant idea! Your story is very special - "needless to say I was the only woman" will make me laugh for quite some time.

  8. That's a great way to complete the challenge! Well done and thanks for taking part.

  9. Well done on doing this in one hit this week and glad you are feeling better now xxx

  10. What a great idea, funny I just drag out what I want from the cupboards, don't look closely at anything. Hope you are feeling better this week. x