Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oops Gone

For some now I have been humming and haring whether to have my hair cut, this week I took the plunge.  So what else could I use for my weekly digi layout.
I mentioned in my last post that I can lose myself when working with children.  Over the years I have worked with children from toddler to teenagers.  One of the huge freedom of working with young children is that they are not so aware of boundaries which control adult behaviour.  So I can join in with fun things without them realising that actually I can't sing, dance or any other silly thing.  If they laugh it is because they think I am funny not because they are embarrassed or think I ma silly.  This gives such a freedom to express myself.
They also demand 100% of my attention when I am with them so I have to put all my personal worries behind me when I am with them.  This is so liberating, no matter how much is going wrong for that time I am with a child I am free from all my troubles.


  1. Really love your new hair cut. Fits you really well ! xx

  2. WOW that was brave but love the new you!! xx

  3. I love your new hair cut - too. You look much younger and beautiful. Congratulations! /You miss a little lipstick - smile!/
    Sorry - I missed a lot of your blog.

  4. Wow a drastic trim but looks really good. I so understand what you mean re working with little children, I use to love it and yes they don't care if you sing out of tune (which I always do) or if you get something wrong. They are wonderful. x