Monday, May 27, 2013

Hopefully Back on Course

Well I don't know what has happened to me over the last few weeks, but hopefully I'm back on course.
Here are my two digi layout for the last couple of weeks.

 The first one tells of a visit to the opticians.  I have a very real eye phobia.  Even talking about them can make me go all funny.  Having had an eye infection that didn't clear up I went to the opticians to be told that I had a small mark on my eye and wasn't producing enough tears to lubricate my eyes.  That is a joke as I can burst into tears at the drop of a hat.  When I was on drops for the infection Peter had to pin me down to get the drops in, now I have to give them to myself 3 or 4 times a day.  Scary but I have managed it.
 This LO is about a trip to see my god daughter and her husband.  Instead of using a photo of her which I did last time I visited I used photos of the traffic jam on the motorway and her baby hamsters which she is potty about.
For Anne's Silver Lining challenge I created a page using photos of my icing equipment, a paint bottle and cake stamp.  My journalling on the reverse tells how I enjoy creating things, in my craft room and kitchen and on the computer.  O course I also enjoy eating the cakes.
So now for Lynne's losing myself in the service of others.  I always find that working with children makes me lose all my inhibitions and truly be myself.


  1. When I was little my brother and I had one hamster each and the day before we were supposed to go camping for holidays, they had 25 babies. They came along but you can imagine how happy my parents were especially when they had been told by the shop that they both were males...
    The background of your enjoy LO is very pretty. xxx

  2. Mary lovely digi LO's about your last few weeks xxx

    I am glad you enjoy serving children, they are very rewarding people xxx hope we hear more this week?

    hope you have enjoyed half term and ready for the last term of the year!! I always found it the most enjoyable apart from Christmas activities

  3. Great digi layouts, have to agree with you re working with children, when I worked with them I found myself doing things I would never normally do. x