Saturday, March 23, 2013

Five Things Week

Tell us 5 things we didn't know about you was the prompt for the nostalgia challenge on Lucky Snapping this week.  The first four things were easy as there were prompts.
Here is where I was born, the Firs Nursing Home, Leigh, Lancs. It is no longer there so thanks for Wickipedia for the photo.
I should never leave home without my glasses.  I only need them for reading but if (like I did this Tuesday) I have to read without them for any length of time I really suffer form head and eye ache.
My oldest piece of clothing is from my teenage years.  It is this neck warmer which is so cosy without adding bulk.
The idea of a person who has influenced me was quite hard.  There are many people over the years who have done this and I am ashamed to say I have forgotten many of them. So I chose a little boy who has been a great encouragement to me over the last few years.  Daniel was born 3 months after we returned to the UK.  I was still at the point of sitting in the corner in tears and generally not coping with life.  He was born the day that Peter started work and I saw a lot of him in his first few months.  I remember early on holding him in my arms and thinking 'You have fought your way into this world and survived.  What you have been through is far more than what I am going through.  If you can survive so can I.  He is now over two years old and every now and them when I look at him I remember my own journey and how far I have come since those not so good days.  He gave me such hope and encouragement.  I don't have an up to date photo unfortunately.
Now the fifth piece of information has been left up to me and has been quite difficult to think of. I spent a lot of time browsing old photos and came up with these two.  Taken in 1985 they show me as a leader on a Brownie Pack Holiday.  Trust me it did involve some work as well as sitting around and acting the fool.

I used to love being a leader and can't remember why I gave it up.  The white haired lady in both photos is my mum who used to come along as our cook.
I spent time in the garden today taking this photo of the ice on the washing line.

And last of all here is my weekly digi layout for the week. 


  1. Lovely story to read. I am glad you picked up after your return from Tanzania. getting used back to a culture can be very difficult, I know, xx

  2. Beautiful story, coming from a very difficult place to where you are is amazing, well done. I love those old photos, but which one is you? xxx

  3. Well done on coming so far in 2 years xxx

    I guess you were the one with the white T shirt?

    Glad your birthday weekend went well last week, love ssing your weekly digi LO xx

  4. Lovely story, its great fun being a leader at brownies/guides, I hope to get back after a family break :)

  5. It's nice you can feel like you have come a long way on this part of your journey. I loved hearing that you were prompted to contact your teacher, that in turn made me feel happy I had given you and him something back. Ice.. good pics, but we need warmth soon don't we!

    1. Lovely story and glad that you have come so far in a short time and that you can see the progress you have made. Keep going. xx