Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January's View

Happy New Year to you all.
We hadn't expected to see the new year in but on Sunday we were invited out for a meal and crawled into bed something like 2 am this morning.  Amazingly we have got quite a few odd jobs and tidying done around the house today.
I have no real resolutions as we pass into a new year but I am going to try and
lose at least half a stone
Not lose the confidence I have gained this year
Be myself more and not worry about others opinion.
I am going to try for a layout each week but not on this years photos as I have so many others to catch up with.  I will try though to do a digital layout each week which I can then print up and put straight into a book at the end of the year.
I would also love to meet up with some of you this year.
I chose the view from my front door.  This tree is beautiful when in flower and having put a lot of effort into the garden last year I thought it would be good to document it this year.


  1. This thing ate my first comment ...
    I was saying you are right, a tree will change a lot during the year and this one is really beautiful.

    By the way Alison, you still have the "prove you're not a robot thing " on your blog. Not sure if you really want it ? xx

  2. What a great view, I love that tree already :) Well done for getting on to it so quickly. By the way I keep meaning to ask, are you Mary or Alison? I imagine Mary as that is what you have called your new blog? Love the new blog, reminds me of happy hours spirographing :D xxx

  3. I thought you were Alison? not mary Roots.

    like the view you have chosen too

    Well done on new blog look too xxx hope I don't met that robot thingy!! Oh I have LOL!!

  4. Happy new year. I think the view you have chosen is great, it will be so nice to see the changes through the year.

  5. Great tree, it has a lovely structure. Look forward to seeing it change.

  6. I think a view with trees promises plenty f change .. thanks for joining! X

  7. Happy New Year, dear Mary!
    I wish you and your family a very happy, health, good luck and love!
    Great tree! Great view! I try to imagine this view in different months.
    I think it would be very beautiful!
    I love the title of your new blog! Congratulations! Great spirit!