Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crick in the Neck Day

Today saw the cat having injections in the morning and me having them in the afternoon.  Needless to say the cats cost nearly twice as much as mine.  The NHS really is a wonderful institution.
But before I show you my photo for today Let me apologise for the robot thingy yesterday.  Hopefully it has gone now.  As you will see I have changes my blog name.  For years my family have called me Mary (my middle name)  and I often use that name when I do craft forums etc but the rest of the world calls me Alison (my first name).  Consequently I answer to both names.
Most of my day today was spent sorting more retrieved files and scanning in old family photos.  I am looking after a photo album I made my mum for her 50th birthday and many of the photos have gone a bit mouldy as I think it has got a bit damp.  So I am scanning the photos and then refixing them in the folder.  I thought it would be a quick job - not likely!!!
Here is the folder.

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